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To Spearhead Business Solutions using Near Real Time Precise Data Power with Analytics.

Vision: To embark on the real potential of data power for business growth and solutions.

Mission: To scale business by providing business solutions using near-real-time data power and solutions.

reports and dashboards

provides role-based access, pre-defined KPIs, dashboard shoeing gaps, laps, leakages, alerts, and benchmarks so that management can take a quick view to identify the root cause and take quick decisions to run your business seamlessly and efficiently.


This Executive Dashboard provides a platform through which the retailers can monitor the health of their individual stores, benchmarks and compare stores, do a trend analysis on performance, do a comparison of sales contribution across its various departments along with providing alerts and notifications on business exceptions which in turn aids them in their day to day decision making


A platform where real people help you find the best business intelligence software for your unique needs while recognizing the true leaders offering BI tools who help make your decisions possible

MIS Report

Management information system (MIS) provides canned reports for different business entitles like sales, purchase, inventory, etc.

Ad-hoc Report

Ad-hoc Reporting tool allows users to create simple reports in minutes, with the flexibility of Drag-&-Drop source database tables into a playpen, generate, modify, format & customize standard reports at the touch of a button, and auto-create SQL queries without any manual coding.

Engagement Models

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Engagement Model A

Service Based + SaaS PaaS +
  • Time period based contract with retainership
  • Realytics tool and our deep Domain expertise at disposal
  • Consulting with regular Reports and advisory

Engagement Model B

License + Implementation +
Consulting + support
  • Tool with License
  • Customisation and Implementation as per the requirement
  • Consulting with Data and Domain experts
  • Support in Analysis, Understanding & Report Generation

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Use Case Scenario

Analyse Business Growth Possibility For A Multi-Speciality Clinic

Performance dashboard for a group of external recruiters working for a Resourcing company